This Time Will Pass Too

Welcome to Rao Muhammad Ali site. Here, We will explain you about “This time will pass too” with different example of life challenges and deep motivation. This time shall pass too, which is not just a word. It’s the key to life. You need to note it or always remember this line in your good or bad times. Because soon, every time will pass. Let’s describe it in detail.

An Explanation of When This Time Will Pass

Here, we explain it in two different time zones: when you have a bad time or when you have a good time. So, let’s start.

Bad Time Zone:

Let’s suppose that you have a bad time, are sad or unhappy, or maybe you have any kind of problem. Maybe some time you feel stuck or frustrated? So, don’t worry. Because badness or bad times are always part of our lives. Always trust yourself, and remember that you are a strong person.

Bad Time Zone

Second, when you have these kinds of situations, always note this or remember this line: “This time will pass too.”. Its simple meaning is that soon this bad time will end and your happy time will start in life again. Every problem is gone, and once again, time will change, and you will have a happy life.

Not always stay at the same time because of the beauty of nature or life. If you always stay bad, maybe you never understand the value of badness and never get experience with life. So, it’s also important for us to succeed in life.

Turning the Page: Overcoming Exam Hurdles and Writing a New Chapter of Success in Student Life

If you are a student and then you fail an exam, it does not mean to lose hope and never feel sad. Because of the experience of a good life. And this time, tell us, we need more struggle and more hard study to pass the exam. Once you understand this, then trust me, you will again become more successful in life.

And when you fail, also remember that “this time will pass too.”. Because time never stops, and you are a strong person. You never feel lost, and you never lose any kind of hope. One day, you will become successful and start studying again for it.

Quotes About Student life:

“Don’t confuse schooling with education. Because I didn’t go to Harvard, but those who get their education from Harvard work for me.” Elon Mask

Stories From Different Losers :

You know that some people fail in life a lot of times, but they never lose hope, stay positive, and continue struggling for success.

KFC is an American fast food service. His founder achieved success at the age of 65 years.

Same look to Ali Baba. His owner says that he fails in life a lot of times; even though he gave 90 interviews for jobs, they rejected me. and at the age of 50, he started his own brand, and now he is the world’s largest whole-sale business owner.

I hear about the story of the loser king. When you lose war, you also lose hope. Then he was sitting in a cave. He saw an aunt who tried to go up. but he always fails. once try up a word. but aunt also loses and goes back down. but he never loses hope. even he tries 99 attempts, and in the end, at least Aunt will succeed in 100 attempts.

Note: I note that sometimes students fail and get stuck in life. They don’t understand that life is important or that time is important. Sometimes, students try to make a serious attempt, like suicide, kill others, or choose other bad ways. Even life is more important than a study or others. Because if you stay alive, one day you can do anything.

Second Example Of Normal Life:

If you are sad in life or have any kind of problem, or did not get success in life. So, don’t think wrong, always be positive, and remember that our short lives will always pass.

This time shall pass too

Because time never stays the same. You need to stay positive, strong, and trust yourself. Failure does not imply that you are a loser. Its simple meaning is that you become more successful than others. It’s just an experience of life.

You know that when we take a long jump, first we go some one step back, then come back again full force and success in a long jump. When you go one step back, it does not mean you’re a loser; it means you’re preparing for success in the future.

So, due to sadness or any other kind of problem, never be sad, okay? Always stay brave, happy, and positive. Because of its quality of success. You know that life is more beautiful. But if someone thinks about something bad or wrong, like suicided due to problems, So, this one is more bad than a problem.

It is not a solution to any problems. It shows that you are a loser, and you did not face it. But on the other side, you need to become strong, and remember that time never stays the same. So stay there and face it. You can do it, trust me. You are a brave person.

“Failure is not a choice, Its just a option here.” Quote By Rao Muhammad Ali

I have also given a lot of examples, but we make it short and now explain about good time. I hope you understand the bad time zone. Because it’s normal in life, and one day, everyone will face it.

Good time zone:

It’s the same as a bad time. When you feel too happy or have a good time, So don’t forget this line: “Time will pass too.”. Because time never stays the same, it always changes. Some times we have a good time, and some times we have a bad time. because both are part of our lives.

good time zone

Happiness is good for life, but we do not always stay happy. Because if we are always happy, we can’t understand the value of happiness. When we have a bad time, then we realize the value of happiness. Because both are opposite each other. Both are important parts of life.

Life can’t be completed without a good or bad time. But we need to always be ready, be positive, and stay strong. Don’t forget to smile on your face. Because if you explain the reason for your sadness or share it with others, then others will also make you sad. So, it’s only your problem. You are a strong person and You need to solve it for yourself. I hope that you can do it.

Thank You For Reading a Motivational Story by Rao Muhammad Ali.

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